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(This page last updated February 8, 1998)
(More praise arriving daily)

Praise for our
Products, Support and Staff

Here are just some of the things we've heard from our highly satisfied customers:

"In the past I've had to manually code calls to windows to control other applications and it was a very frustrating experience; zOpen certainly shortened my development cycle." -- Christine C. (Maynard, MA)

"Thank you for the exeptionally fast response." -- Kjetil H (Norway)
I downloaded the zOpen demo and really liked it. Much easier to use than gmatter's masterApp. Finally an Xtra that launches and prints Acrobat PDF files! Just what I needed. I tried Xtramedia's Acroviewer Xtra and didn't think it worked as good as zOpen. Thanks in advance for making multimedia development easier." -- Mark B. (Massachusetts)
"zScript allowed us to deliver a very successful project to [our] Fortune 500 client."
-- Bobbi V. (Ohio)

"Thank you again for your perfect service." -- Claus B. (Hamburg, Germany)

"zOpen is exactly what we needed. You've been such a help. I'm going to name my first child after you, Bruce." -- Charles P. (NY) [Let's just hope it's a boy!]

"You've been a great help and I'm most grateful. Let me know if you need any more glowing recommendations for your technical support." -- Cath S. (New Zealand)

"Thanks for your fast answer! Great Service!" -- Thomas S. (Germany)

"Excellent documentation" -- Jonathan C. (UK)

"zOpen works very good. It helped me like you." -- M.H (Tokyo)

"Excellent documentation [for zLaunch]" -- Richard T. (Norway)

"zOpen rocks!" -- Steven H. (Seattle)

"The documentation on your web site is awesome!" -- Brandon G. (Minnesota)

"zOpen seems to work, so we're real happy!" -- Beth E. (Ohio)

"Wow! I am impressed with the level of support that your company provides [for zWinVer]. This just goes to show that what you have stated in your website about client satisfaction is true. I testify to that! It is working fine...all thanks to the hard work that you guys put into the patch [for detecting whether Windows 3.1 is running as "Windows on Windows" on a machine also running Windows NT]!" -- C.K.K. (Malaysia)

"I will definitely recommend you and your company to my developer friends and associates. It is refreshing to find a quality company that has personalized service and support. Thank you again for all your excellent help." -- Robert G. (Atlanta)

"zLaunch is beautiful - we love you guys. You wouldn't believe how happy you've made people around here. This thing made our day. You have no idea..." (we do now) -- Frank M. (New York)

"zOpen is completely solid for us and we are happy campers. I can't thank you enough for your diligence and attention (through the holidays, no less!) to our project. If you ever need testimonials to add to your website, etc, please contact me! Thank you so much." -- Frances K. (California)

"Thanks for your Lingo help -- which was indespensable for a beginner like me. Until my next crisis..." -- Brian S. (San Franciso)

"zOpen is now working in the production for the PDF (Acrobat) files. This really impressed my Multimedia Director (he thought it was sexy!!)." -- David S. (London)

"Our Programmer used zLaunch for the first time. He can open [the] external aplication very easily. He is very happy." -- Stefan S. (Germany)

"Your products and documentation are much better than [your competition]. Down with [unnamed Xtra developers offering inferior service and support]" -- Patrick C. (San Francisco)

"zLaunch works great!"-- William A. (Alabama)

"We're happening, we're happening! Yes, yes, zOpen works! My partner's clapping" -- Peter S. (New York)

"It was great that you were able to process my order on a Saturday. It really helped us out and we appreciate it. I just wanted to thank you for your quick response to our questions." -- Steven F. (Riverside, CA)

"You sent me a demo version of zLaunch and I want to order it. It's a great product, by the way."
-- Michael H. (New York)

"zOpen behaved exactly as expected, and I and my client are very pleased with the results. Great Xtra!" -- Trey S. (Portland)

"We want to thank you for your very speedy answer. It was great!" -- Carmen F. (Germany)

"My client and I really appreciate the excellent support that you were able to provide. We'll try not to make you work any more Sundays." -- Paul S. (Massachusetts)

"Thank you for all your help in implementing zLaunch. I appreciate your patience with my lack of expertise on the PC platform." -- Mindy M. (Texas)

"Re: zOpen for Windows: Your tool is cool!" -- Thomas B. (Germany)

"We were getting an error when calling another program from within a director movie. Your [staff's suggestion] worked for us, thank you very much!"
-- Vicky C. (and she wasn't even a customer!)

"zLaunch is working great. Thanks for all the help." -- Justin H. (Ontario)

"Not only is zOpen working fine, but it only took me seven minutes to write my code."
-- John G. (Virginia) (YMMV)

"Y'all have good documentation." -- Bill A. (Alabama)

"I'd just like you guys to know that I have really been impressed with the speed at which you've responded to our questions and have helped solve our problems with zLaunch] Keep up the great work, and I hope to be working with you again on future projects. Thanks a lot!" -- Jeffrey B. (Texas)

"We have tested zOpen and would like to purchase it. It is a great product, [and is working] very, very nicely. Good work!" -- Dan S. (Texas)

"We're the Dutch guys that called you in a small panic. We'd like to thank you very much for giving us the answer to our problem." -- Michiel V. (Netherlands) (and he wasn't even a customer!)

At Zeus Productions, we consider ourselves to be in the customer service business, rather than just the software business. We provide World-Class Technical Support on all our products, and provide information on a wide variety of topics in our TechNotes and FAQs to help you make the most of Director. We hope that you'll buy our products if appropriate, but we are glad to point you in whatever direction is most helpful.

Read about our company philosophy in more detail.

Products used with zLaunch, zScript and zOpen

Here are just some of the applications which our customers have integrated with Director using our products...

Netscape Navigator
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Word
Lotus ScreenCam
America Online
Microsoft Exchange
Claris Em@iler

...and many more commercial and custom applications!

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