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zScript for Macintosh

zScript AppleScript Xtra

Copyright © 1996-2003. Zeus Productions. All Rights Reserved.
Written by Bruce A. Epstein
zScript is a trademark of Zeus Productions

adds the power of AppleScript to Director!

Do you want to control others applications via Director?

zScript allows Director to send and receive Apple Events, and communicate with other AppleScriptable applications.

zScript opens up a world of possibilities! Refer to our Needs Analysis FAQ to determine if zScript or some other tool is right for you.

Pricing and Version Support:

Macintosh-only - supports both Class and Mac OS X native

Unlimited royalty-free license.

Platforms: Macintosh only (for Windows, see zOpen)
Supports: All versions of Director for Macintosh, up to and including Director MX
Requirements: AppleScript Extension (included with Mac OS)
Optional: Scriptable Finder Extension (included with Mac OS)
Current Version: 2.0.1


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zScript is NOT shareware. You can use the trial version for testing, but you MUST license zScript for commercial use. Licensed users will receive the:

Click here for zScript FAQ.


zScript is available for all versions of Director for Macintosh. The latest versions include terrific documentation, examples and a step-by-step troubleshooting guide, plus enhanced functionality over earlier versions. Click here to download an example that opens a document using zScript.

zScript Product Features

zScript allows you to use Director to control other AppleScriptable applications, such as Adobe Acrobat.

zScript will:

For many more details, consult the zScript FAQ.

zScript Version History:

2.0.1 - Released for compatibility with Director MX and Mac OS X.

1.5.1 - Revised for compatibility with Director 8.0 and 8.1

1.4 - Added trial version

1.3.1 - Added ability to examine pending command buffer

1.2 - Added support for:

1.1 - First commercial release, including updated examples and documentation

1.0 - Demonstration version called "zAppleScriptXtraFat". Not for commercial use. If you are using this version, there have been numerous improvements made. You must license zScript if you are using even an old version.

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Copyright © 1996-2003. Zeus Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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