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zOpen/zPrint for Windows

Click here for an example Director file that use zOpen to launch a PDF document (includes a drag-and-drop behavior you can use in your own project).

Check out the zOpen User's Guide in HTML format.

zOpen seamlessly launches external applications from Director to open or print documents. If you need to:

Then zOpen is for you! And it includes zPrint at no extra charge!

Refer to our Needs Analysis FAQ to determine if zOpen/zPrint or some other tool is right for you.

zOpen facilitates launching executables and opening or printing documents from Director. zOpen is perfect for Acrobat PDF documents, Web Browsers and HTML files, and much more!

While the launched application is running, zOpen covers the desktop, similar to a Projector running in "full-screen" mode.

zOpen allows you to use Director as a front end to other executables such as demos, ReadMe files, Acrobat PDF files, or a web browser.

zOpen will:

zOpen is truly amazing and works with all versions of Director for Windows. It runs under all versions of Windows (although you should test it with your particular application under whatever versions of Windows you intend to support, as not all third-party applications behave the same under all version of Windows):

Pricing & Availability

zOpen works with all versions of Director for Windows under all versions of Windows, including Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP. Macintosh users should refer to zScript for Macintosh and zLaunch for Macintosh.

Platforms: All versions of Windows
Supports: All versions of Director, up to and including Director MX


zOpen for Windows $299 US

Bundle with zScript for Mac: $399 US

Unlimited Royalty Free License

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zOpen Features & Benefits

zOpen offers numerous benefits over Lingo's open command. Most notably, zOpen:
For many more details, consult the zOpen FAQ.

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