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At Zeus Productions, we employ a dedicated staff of hard-working individuals with a wide variety of expertise. We have both Windows and Macintosh experts available to assist you in any pre-sales or support questions that may arise. Read what our customers say about our products and staff.

Who is Navin Johnson?

Navin Johnson was the inventor of the Opti-Grab, and he has absolutely nothing to do with Zeus Productions.

Bruce A. Epstein

Bruce A. Epstein is the founder and Principal of Zeus Productions. In an effort to hide his schizophrenia, he goes by numerous other names, which is okay, because he wears many hats in the office.

As a one-time rabid contributor to AOL's Macromedia message board (under the name BAEpstein), he posted thousands of replies to a wide variety of multimedia topics, both specific to Director and of general interest.

Bruce currently lurks mainly on Diirect-L and Lingo-L and a number of smaller Director-related mailing lists.

His preferred e-mail address is now bruce@zeusprod.com.

Q. I know a Bruce Epstein. Did I go to college, high school or a Mets game with you?

No. No. Yes.

Q. Are you the Brian Epstein, the Director pro responsible for Zeus Productions and their fine line of Xtras?

I am <the> *BRUCE* Epstein, the Director pro responsible for Zeus Productions and their fine line of Xtras. Read more.

Bruce the Moose

See Bruce A. Epstein.

Q. Why are you called "Bruce the Moose"?

This was an unsuccessful attempt to get people to use my correct first name, and it is merely coincidental that I have a large rack of antlers growing out of my head. While it makes a nice rhyme, people still call me Brian Epstein. Perhaps I should use the name "Brian the Mayan" instead.

Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein was the Beatles' manager. Bruce Epstein is not deceased, nor has he ever managed the Beatles. Bruce likes John Lennon, who also happens to be deceased, but not in the way Brian Epstein allegedly did. Read more. Brian Epstein is also the name of my nephew, but he's only a toddler and won't be answering technical questions until his fifth birthday.

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