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Lingo in a Nutshell

Bruce Epstein, founder of Zeus Productions, is also the author of Lingo in a Nutshell, released in November 1998 from O'Reilly & Associates. This companion to Director in a Nutshell condenses everything about Lingo (including undocumented Lingo commands) into a concise Desktop Quick Reference. If you are a Lingo developer, you need this book. Check out this list of 20 Great Things in Lingo in a Nutshell.

There are lots of useful Tables, Figures, and Examples in LiaN:

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Lingo in a Nutshell

by Bruce Epstein

Lingo in a Nutshell is an indispensable Desktop Quick Reference that teaches you everything about Lingo from the ground up. It covers Lingo syntax, handlers, variables, data types, expressions, repeat loops, if...then statements, events, messages, mouse and keyboard events, timers, lists, File IO, Behaviors, child objects, and more. It includes a Lingo Command Reference of every Lingo element by topic.

It includes dozens of undocumented commands and parameters omitted from Macromedia's documentation and alerts you to commandsthat behave differently in Director 6 and 6.5 than in prior versions. For full coverage of Lingo in D7, see the companion volume Director in a Nutshell.

This book is a must-have for every Lingo developer, and is priced at only $24.95. You get twice the information of other books at half the price. (Do the math!)

By Bruce A. Epstein
1st Edition November 1998
ISBN # 1-56592-493-2
608 pages, $24.95

"Lingo in a Nutshell" in a Nutshell:

See the O'Reilly catalog for more more info.

See the companion volume Director in a Nutshell (Available now)

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