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Bruce Epstein, founder of Zeus Productions, is also the author of the two-volume companion set, Lingo in a Nutshell and Director in a Nutshell, from O'Reilly & Associates. These books condense everything about Director and Lingo (including undocumented Lingo commands) into a concise Desktop Quick Reference.

If you are a Director or Lingo developer, you need these books. Don't take my word for it:

Read DOUG's rave review.

John "jt" Thompson, the inventor of Lingo, says: "Lingo in a Nutshell is very thorough. It covers detailed interactions and aspects of Lingo not found in other book."

Alex "Zav" Zavtone also of DOUG says: "Destined to be required reading for both new and experienced Lingo programmers. Lingo in a Nutshell provides comprehensive explanations of Lingo's structure and internals, and the tables offer vital reference data never before documented. A must-have for any serious or aspiring Lingo programmer"

Alan "Mr. Maricopa" Levine calls Lingo in a Nutshell , "An extremely comprehensive, industrial-strength reference for both new and experienced Lingo programmers. It addresses critical (and often sublime) areas needed to tackle real-world productions. It is at the top of my Director book heap."

See what others are saying about the books or post your own review.

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