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Director in a Nutshell

Bruce Epstein, founder of Zeus Productions, is also the author of Director in a Nutshell, released March 29, 1999 from O'Reilly & Associates. This companion to Lingo in a Nutshell condenses everything about Director into a concise Desktop Quick Reference. If you are a Director developer, you need this book. It is completely updated for D7 (and even covers new changes for D7.0.1 and D7.0.2). See the complete story on D7 coverage.

There are lots of useful Tables, Figures, and Examples in DiaN:

For more updates to DiaN, click here

Director in a Nutshell

by Bruce Epstein

Director in a Nutshell is an indispensable Desktop Quick Reference that organizes Director operations by topic so you can quickly find all relevant information in a single place. Includes detailed chapters on digital video, audio, fields and text, MIAWs, Projectors, cast member and sprite properties, Xtras, Shockwave, palettes and graphics, and more.

It alerts you to commands that behave differently between Mac and Windows, and Authoring mode versus Projector playback.

This book is a must-have for every Director developer, and is priced at only $24.95. You get twice the information of other books at half the price.

By Bruce A. Epstein
1st Ed. March 1999
ISBN# 1-56592-382-0
628 pages, $24.95

"Director in a Nutshell " in a Nutshell:

See the O'Reilly catalog for more more info.

See the companion volume Lingo in a Nutshell (Available now)

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