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All the major on-line booksellers carry Lingo in a Nutshell and Director in a Nutshell.

On-line booksellers all have different prices, but most offer discounts between 5% and 20%.

If you buy your books on-line, please use the links below. You pay the same bookseller's price regardless, but in some cases I get a small referral fee if you enter the bookseller's site through my links. This helps to defray the cost of maintaining this site and posting book updates. (Trust me, I am not getting rich off it.) If you recommend the books to others, please tell them to also use my links when ordering! (I provide a link to Barnes and Noble as a public service, but they don't pay me any comission unless I use them as the exclusive bookseller for my site.)

These links lead to the appropriate bookseller, but you aren't committed to purchasing the product until you explicitly choose to do so. I don't get a referral fee unless you immediately add the book to your shopping cart after using one of the links below.

Therefore, when you are ready to make your purchase(s), please re-enter the bookseller's site from the links on my site.

Note: The easiest way to find a book from most on-line vendors or in a bookstore is by its ISBN number. Note that the ISBN number may not be the same outside the US, in which case you should search by title or author name (Bruce A. Epstein).

The ISBN# for Lingo in a Nutshell is 1565924932 

The ISBN# for Director in a Nutshell is1565923820

Buy Nutshell books from one of these sources:

In Stock status last revised December 13, 1998

 Vendor  Price  Shipping  In Stock?  Notes  $15.96 $3.95 +  Yes Review my book at Amazon  10.78  2.45 +  No Prices in British Pounds
Amazon.DE  33,87  ???  ??? Prices in German DM
 BookPool  $11.50  $2.60-$3.75+  No  Sale until 12/31/98. Regular price $13.50
Computer Book Express  $15.96 $3.75 +  Yes  Arrived 12/03/98
Computer Literacy  $15.95 $4.75 +  Yes  Arrived 12/03/98. New LOWER price 12/13/98
O'Reilly and Associates  $19.95 $4.50 +  Yes Discounts for User Groups
AltBookstore  $18.95 $3.95 +  No  Book must be special ordered. Tell them to stock it! (
Borders  $15.96 $3.95 +  Yes In stock 12/13/98
Barnes & Noble  $15.96 $3.95 +  Yes They won't pay me referral fees if I give my readers a choice of vendors!  $15.91 $3.95 +  Yes Must hit "Price Compare" button on their site to get discount
Books Now  $17.95 $3.95 +  ???  
Powell's $19.95 $3.50 + Yes  Now in stock! Arrived 12/13/98
 Brian's Books  14.96  $5.00 +  No  Quantity discounts (as low as $13.96) and T-Shirts if you buy multiple books

If you prefer to order your books from a different on-line bookseller not listed below, please let me know.


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