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Q. Does Zeus offer Lingo and Director development services?

Yes, we do. Refer to our Consulting Services page, for details.

Q. How can I reach Zeus Productions?

Refer to our contact information page, or find a specific member of our Staff.
Q. How do you spell "Zeus"?
Zeus is spelled "Z-E-U-S". Note that it is "E before U except as in 'glue'"

The following are not acceptable, alternate spellings:

1. Zues (most common error)
2. Zenus
3. Zuex
4. Zeux
5. Seuss
6. Zoos
7. Zoose
8. Zuse

Q. Why are you called "Zeus Productions"?
That was a closely guarded trade secret, until I got tired of students whose teachers tell them to inquire about companies with names related to Greek mythology. We're named Zeus Productions because "Zeus" rhymes with "Bruce" and it sounds a lot cooler than "Bruce Productions." We also think it's cheesy when someone names the company after himself/herself (no offense to Tim O'Reilly). There's really more to the story, but that is all I'll discuss publicly. Unlike the mythical Zeus, no one in our company married his sister. Contrary to the rumors, "Zeus" is not my wife's nickname for my penis. My wife doesn't have a nickname for my penis, she's just not the type to bother, and she knows where to find it without calling it by name. We are not related to the porno company named "Zeus Productions". They might be reached at femalewrestling.com.

Q. How can I reach Zeus?
If you are too far away or lazy to trek up Mount Olympus, you can contact Zeus via phone or fax, or e-mail info@zeusprod.com.

Q. What is the address of Zeus's web site?
Our domain is zeusprod.com, and our web address is http://www.zeusprod.com.

The domain name "zeus.com" belongs to someone else (no relation)

Q. Do you happen to have contact information for other companies named "Zeus Productions"?
You may be looking for one of these other companies coincidentally named "Zeus Productions" but having no relation to us:

Zeus Productions (Unknown line of business)
33 Bassett Rd.
North Haven, CT 06473-1913
Phone: (203)234-1033

Zeus Productions (apparently some type of Video Production)
Dayton, OH 45390
Phone: (513)256-5399

Q. Are you related to the "Zeus Productions" that sells pornography?
No, but what you do with our utilities is your business. <g>

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