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object - a program unit in OOP. An object has behaviors and states encapsulated within the object. Objects tend to manage themselves as they respond to requests or commands, so that they can be used without knowledge or regard to their internal functionality. See instance, child object.

object module - a software component created by compiling one or more source files. Object modules are linked with libraries to create an executable. Object modules are usually contain machine-specific instructions generated from non-machine specific source code.

object-oriented - based on objects. See C++.

object-oriented programming - a programming framework which makes use of objects, and features encapsulation and inheritance. See OOP, C++, instance, child object, parent script.

objet d'art - see oops

Object Linking and Embedding - a method of communciating between Windows applications. Largely replaced by ActiveX under Windows 95. See Dynamic Data Exchange.

obsolete - 1. adj. describing your new hardware or software 2. v. to push into oblivion.

OFB - Obligatory Flame Bait, an intentionally provocative statement.

off-black - a near black color using RGB values slightly greater than (0, 0, 0), such as (1, 1, 1) and occupying a position other than the last one (index 255) in the palette. Using off-black allows you to properly perform a Fade to White under Windows with Director. See off-white.

off-line - 1. adj. not ready, such as a printer or a network. See down, on-line. 2. in private, rather than in a meeting, such as "Let's discuss this off-line."

off the shelf - 1. n. where you cat knocks your expensive vase; 2. adj. not requiring modification, or readily available on the commercial market. Contrast custom.

off-white - a near white color using RGB values slightly less than (255, 255, 255), such as (254, 254, 254) and occupying a position other than the first one (index 0) in the palette. Using off-white allows you to properly perform a Fade to Black under Windows with Director. See off-black.

O. Henry - author of Gift of the Magi, nom de plume of William Sidney Porter.

Oh Henry! - 1. a candy bar, named after Henry "Hammerin' Hank" Aaron, see Reggie, Baby Ruth. 2. what Dennis the Menace's Mom said to his Dad on their wedding night.

OLE - see Object Linking and Embedding.

ole - what bulls really hate to hear.

oleo - a type of margarine.

Olsen, Kenneth - founder and one-time beleagured CEO of DEC. Graduate of MIT and one of the most boring speakers I have ever heard.

Olympus, Mount 1. a mountain in NE Greece, on the boundary between Thessaly and Macedonia: the mythical abode of the greater Grecian gods, including Zeus when he is not on the web. 9769 ft. 2. a mountain in NW Washington State (US): highest peak in the Olympic Mountains 7954 ft. 3. a camera and electronics manufacturer.

on - the Lingo keyword on is used to indicate a handler, such as on mouseUp.

on-line - 1. adj. ready, such as a printer or a network. See off-line. 2. electronic or on the internet. as in, "Is there an on-line version of the documentation?"

OOP - see object-oriented programming.

oops - see mess on floor.

open scarf - available for consumption or use with the consent of the owner, as in "Are these Oreos open scarf or are they for the staff meeting?" See freeware, scarf, and MIT

operating system - the low-level program(s) that control the basic functioning of the computer. Popular OS's include Windows, the Mac OS (aka System 7), UNIX. Less popular, older OS's include VMS, CP/M, DOS, and many others.

Opti-Grab - 1. n. eyeglass handle invented by Navin Johnson; 2. v. "Opti-Grabbing It" - to use Opti-Grab equipped glasses.

option - a user-configurable choice or setting.

optionDown - the Lingo property the optionDown indicates whether the Option key is being pressed.

Option key - the Option key is used to modify other key commands. For example, Option-M indicates that you should press the M key while holding down the Option key, as you would the Shift key. Refer to the Lingo property the optionDown. See Alt key, Command key.

or - a boolean operator that performs a logical comparison. If either operand is True, the result is True. For example, True OR False = True, False OR False = False, True OR True = True. See and, xor, not, and refer to the TechNote, "Understanding Boolean Operators".

OR - Operating Room. See ER.

Oracle - 1. an ancient prophet. 2. database company based in Redwood City, CA, headed by Larry Ellison. See NC.

Oreo - a chocolate and creme filled cookie from Nabisco.

org - (pronounced "dot org", not "Oh-Are-Gee") the final portion of the domain name of a not-for-profit organization. See com, edu, gov, mil, net, dot.

OS - see operating system.

OS/2 - 1. IBM's failed attempt to displace Microsoft operating systems from dominance. Distributed originally with PS/2 computers, but there was no real correlation between the two. 2. half an operating system.

OS/2 Warp - a critically acclaimed, but unsucessfully marketed, piece of software that failed at warp speed once Windows 95 was released.

OTOH - On The Other Hand, common e-mail abbreviation.

outstanding issue - 1. a bug. 2. the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

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