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Disclaimer: The following information regarding various policies of Zeus Productions is advisory only, and may not reflect the current policies. No warranty regarding the accuracy of the following information is implied, nor should it be inferred. This information regarding Zeus Productions' policies was current as of July 25, 1997, but is subject to change without notice.

Q. What are the licensing requirements for Zeus's Products?

A. The Run-Time licensing agreement itself is modeled closely after Macromedia's "Made with Macromedia" logo program. The Zeus licensing agreement limits the number of royalty-free run-time distributions allowed to five (5), rather than an unlimited license for an infinite number of products as is granted by Macromedia to distribute Projectors.

Q. Are Zeus's Products royalty-free?

A. Yes, Zeus Software is royalty free even if you distribute thousands of copies, but you are limited usually to 5 product releases. If you intend to release more than five (5) products, contact Zeus Productions regarding discounts on larger licenses.

When you purchase zLaunch or zOpen, you get five (count 'em 5) run-time licenses per 5-pack purchased. That's less than $60 per title ($50 per title if you buy a ten-pack). If you intend to release more than five (5) projects, contact Zeus Productions regarding discounts on larger licenses.

Q. I purchased zLaunch for both Macintosh and Windows, how many products am I entitled to distribute?

A. You are entitled to distribute 5 cross-platform titles (in actuality you obtained 10 run-time licenses, 5 for the Mac, and 5 for Windows, and a cross-platform products counts as one of each). If you issue a single-platform product, it would only count as one license. In fact, you can use the 10 licenses on either platform. For example, you could issue one hybrid product (counts as 2 licenses), 2 Mac-only products and 6 Windows-only products. NOTE: One project which launches, say, five demos, only requires one license, with the remaining licenses being available for other projects).

Q. Our application will be distributed on two separate disks (one for Macintosh and one for PC). Will it will be treated as one product, leaving us with a four (4) remaining licenses for the product?

A. If you purchase a cross-platform bundle (Mac and Win), you are licensed to distribute the software (such as zLaunch , zOpen or zScript) with five(5) products on each platform. In this case, the Mac disk would constitute one Mac product and the Windows disk would constitute one Windows product, leaving four run-time licenses available on each platform for future products. That is, it makes no difference whether you ship one cross-platform.

Q. I am a single user and don't require 5 count license. Can I get a single-user pack for less money?

A. The license is not based on the number of users, it is based on the number of projects you distribute using Zeus Software. A 5-pack is the minimum purchase size, and lets you distribute the Zeus software with up to five projects. (Any number of copies of a single CD counts as a single project). It is not a five user license.

Q. Are unlimited royalty-free licenses available?

A. Yes. Please contact Zeus for more information

Q. Must we include the Zeus logo, copyright and trademark information?

A. Yes. These marking are required to protect our intellectual property rights and prevent unauthorized piracy of our software. Please contact Zeus if you have any questions or concerns. Some products may qualify for software-only markings (see below).

Q. Is it possible to obtain a waiver for including the Zeus logo on our printed materials?

A. We ask that you make a good faith effort to include the Zeus logo with your printed materials, but we realize this is not always practical or economically feasible. Waivers are available for customers who have already prepared their printed materials, for products that only make minimal use of Zeus software, and for customers for whom including the logo would be an onerous burden. If you qualify for software-only markings, we ask that you include the Zeus logo on subsequent products. Please contact Zeus if you have any questions.

Q. What are software-only markings?

A. If your product qualifies, you may be allowed to include the logo solely on the electronic portion of your product, and exclude it from printed materials. Refer to Exhibit B in the licensing package. Please contact Zeus if you have any questions.

Q. What page(s) of the licensing agreement do I need to return to Zeus Productions?

A. You need to return the signature page and the appropriate attachment, such as Exhibit A or Exhibit B. There is no need to return a copy of the entire licensing agreement.

Q. Where do I return the licensing agreement.

A. You may fax or mail the licensing agreement to Zeus Productions. Refer to our Contact Info.

Q. How should I fill out the licensing agreement if my product is confidential?

A. We simply need a record that the Zeus software has been used in a product. Simply fill out the appropriate exhibit with as much information as possible, putting <Confidential> where appropriate. If the project is confidential only prior to shipment, you can return the licensing agreement after the project ships, or is otherwise made public.

Q. Do I need to submit anything else?

A. Yes, you must ship 2 copies of the final product and any revisions to Zeus Productions. Additional copies, or copies of other software made by your company are always welcome.

Q. Should the year in the copyright notice read 1996 or 1997?

A. The copyright notice should read "zLaunch Copyright 1996-1997. Zeus Productions. All Rights Reserved". (substitute the appropriate product name, such as zScript or zOpen, if necessary.

Q. Where can I get a copy of the Zeus Logo in various graphics formats, such as PostScript format?

A. Download our licensing package which contains all the graphics and other information you will need.

Q. I am creating a project for a client. Is the client allowed to repurpose the Zeus software along with the material I am delivering?

A. If you license Zeus software, your clients are NOT entitled to use it for any project other than the one which was delivered to them by you, the licensee. If your client wishes to repurpose the project, they can obtain a license directly from Zeus to do so. This type of license allows them to redistribute the Zeus Software, a right which they are otherwise not granted. This is a special SINGLE "re-purpose" license in lieu of the ENTIRE five-license allowance. It is designed for people who use Zeus Software in , say, a demo, and then re-distribute that demo on a variety of media.

Q. Do I license the Zeus software for them or do they need to license it directly?

A. If you are a developer, it is up to you whether you, or the product's publisher licenses the Zeus software for distribution. If the developers licenses it, the developer may use the Zeus software on additional products, up to the license's limit, but the publisher may not. Conversely, if the publisher licenses the software, the developer may not use it on any projects for other publishers or clients.

Q. Are we allowed to distribute the Zeus Software with our CD? We are making 10,000 copies.

A. One CD product, regardless of how many copies are pressed constitutes only one "distribution", so there is no problem with distributing a large number of copies.

Q. I only need your product for one project. Is there a single-license package available?

A. You must purchase a full copy of zLaunch even for use on a single project.

Consult our Policies page for details on our philosophy and pricing policy.

Q. What does the 5-pack license entitle me to distribute?

A. A 5-pack entitles you to distribute five products or use Zeuus software on five kiosks.

For example, the single-platform version of zLaunch is $299 and includes 5 Run-Time licenses, which equates to $60 per title.

The cross-platform version of zLaunch is $499 and includes 5 Run-Time licenses per platform (ten licenses total) which equates to $50 per platform, or $100 for a cross-platform title. (If a cross-platform title uses zLaunch on both "halves" of the disk, it counts as two "products").

You can also use the ten licenses as you wish, say, five licenses on each platform, or say, eight Windows licenses and two Macintosh licenses, if not all your projects are cross-platform.

Larger licenses are also available, which lower your cost per title further.

Q. What are the licensing requirements for a kiosk?

A. Each kiosk counts as a single "product distribution". Therefore the standard 5-pack license entitles you to run Zeus software on five kiosks. Larger licenses are also available.

Q. I am using zAppleScriptXtraFat. Do I need to license zScript?

A. zAppleScriptXtraFat has been revised and renamed "zScript". It is not freeware or shareware, and you definitely must license it if you use it. If you are using zAppleScriptXtraFat or zScript, and have not licensed it, you must license zScript immediately.

The current licensing fee is $129 US.

This fee includes an upgrade to the latest version

Q. I am using your TranZtions. Do I need to license then?

A. TranZtions are not freeware or shareware, and you definitely must license them if you use them. If you are using TranZtions, and have not licensed them, you must license them immediately.

The current licensing fee is $29.95 US.

Q. We are developing a product catalog, which will be followed by regular updates. Do we have to obtain a new license for each update?

A. Our licensing structure is intended to be flexible and equitable, so the answer is "it depends". Ordinarily Zeus Software is licensed for five uses, each for a single "product", which is usually defined as a single distribution (usually on CD), or one kiosk site installation.

A licensee is entitled to release maintenance upgrades and minor revisions without "consuming" additional licenses. But sequels or periodicals (such as on-line monthly magazines or significantly revised catalogs) would "consume" additional licenses.

As a general guideline, if more than 20% of the product's content has changed from the original version to the current version, it would be considered a new product and not an update. So, if the product changes 10% each revision, the first revision would not "consume" a new license, but the second revision would.

Even if the remainder of the CD does not change appreciably, an update may require an additional license if the portion of the product using zLaunch changes significantly. For example, will your updates launch the same applications with identical (or only slightly different) documents? Or will they launch different or additional applications, with significantly different, or additional, documents?

If the client expects to need more than five licenses, larger licenses are available at a discount.

Q. What is a redistribution license?

A. Separate licenses are ordinarily required for re-purposing any project using Zeus software for use in additional products. Your client may instead wish to obtain a "projector-based" license. This allows the client to distribute a single projector that uses Zeus software, on multiple products.

For example, zLaunch may be used for a promotional piece that is re-purposed on dozens of different CDs or distributed with the sales force. In such cases, in lieu of the five product license, Zeus Productions offers a blanket license that allows you to use zLaunch with a single Director projector, but distributed on different media. This does NOT allow you to use zLaunch in four additional products, but allows you to redistribute the original product on a wider variety of media than otherwise possible.

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