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Restoring a Projector's State

(This document last revised May 6, 1997)

Copyright © 1996-1997. Zeus Productions. All Rights Reserved.
Written by Bruce A. Epstein

To restore a projector's state, you must:

You can use the FileIO Xtra that comes with Director to read and write files. The file will need to reside on the hard drive if you are running from a CD. You will also need to write out, and read back in, any other data which you need saved between sessions, such as global variables.

Using a text file is easiest, but you could also use a Windows INI file to store data.

Bruce Epstein, principal of Zeus Productions, has written an extensive chapter on this topic for a book he co-authored called "Director Power Solutions" from New Riders Publishing. The chapter includes details on saving and retrieving different types of data, and shows how to implement a high score chart. Contact Zeus Productions to order the book.

Zeus Productions also sells a complete Lingo example called "zRestore" demonstrating this technique. Refer to our Zingo Library . zRestore is available at a discount to registered users of zLaunch.

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Copyright © 1996-1997. Zeus Productions. All Rights Reserved.