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Finding the Books in Bookstores

Lingo in a Nutshell & Director in a Nutshell

O'Reilly has a strong presence in the retail channel. The books should be available in all major bookstores that carry computer books. Some software stores or office supply stores that carry computer products may also carry O'Reilly books.

The books may be shelved under the "Multimedia," "Director," "Lingo," "Programming Languages," "Internet,"Web Design," or "Graphics" section. Team O'Reilly bookstores even have a separate "O'Reilly" section. Ask a clerk to help you if you can't find them.

If the bookstore doesn't carry the books, PLEASE ASK THEM TO ORDER SOME. Most bookstores will also do special orders.

The easiest way to find a book from most on-line vendors or in a bookstore is by its ISBN number. Note that the ISBN number may not be the same outside the US, in which case you should search by title or author name (Bruce A. Epstein).

The ISBN# for Director in a Nutshell is1-56592-382-0
The ISBN# for Lingo in a Nutshell is 1-56592-493-2 

Both books have the classic O'Reilly look: black and white with a splash of red (like the other books in the"In a Nutshell" series, such as "Java in a Nutshell").

The Lingo book has a parrot's head (technically a macaw) on the cover. It looks like this:

The Director book has an ostrich's head (technically the head and neck) on the cover. It looks kind of like my profile:


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