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<g> - "grin", a common e-mail abbreviation indicating that you are joking or that you think that you are funny. See LOL and :) (smiley).

Gates - 1. See Gates, Bill. 2. The entrance to Hell. See Gates of Hell.

Gates, William "Bill" - founder and CEO of Microsoft and all around cheesy guy. See geek, DRIP.

Gates of Hell - See Microsoft.

gateway - 1. the St. Louis Arch 2. a computer or device through which access to other resources is obtained.

Gateway 2000 - PC clone manufacturer.

geek - 1. a sideshow performer who bites the heads off of live animals, such as chickens and bats. 2. take our computer geek self-evaluation test. 3. See Bill Gates.

Geekware - a cool line of clothing available via Metrowerks.

General Protection Fault - an error which occurs when an application tries to use memory generally reserved for the operating system. The most common source of GPFs is a driver conflict.

global - 1. worldwide. 2. global variable.

global variable - a type of Lingo variable which persists over time, and has a greater scope than a local variable. See static, temporary variable.

GMC- see Gold Master Candidate.

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time, the standard of time as designated at the Observatory in Greenwich, England, also "Greenwich Time" or "Greenwich Civil Time". See EST, CST, MST, PST.

go or GO- 1. a Lingo command which moves the Score's playback head to the specify frame of the specified movie. See go frame, go movie. 2. a command used to access a particular section of CompuServe. The Macromedia forum on CompuServe is accessed by using "Go Macromedia". AOL uses keywords instead of the GO command.

Golden Gopher - mascot. See Gopher.

gold master - a CD-ROM that is the final version that will be sent for replication. So-called because they are created with a gold coated CD. Technically, these are pre-masters, as the actual master disk is made from the pre-master at the replicating facility. See gold master candidate, alpha, beta.

gold master candidate - a CD-ROM that is possibly the final version that will be sent for replication. See GMC, alpha, beta, gold master.

Gopher - 1. an internet information retrieval mechanism, named after the Golden Gopher. See Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead. 2. a character in the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. See Disney.

gosub - a Basic programming command used to call a subroutine.

gov - (pronounced "dot guv", not "Gee-Oh-Vee") the final portion of the domain name of a governmental agency, such as whitehouse.gov. See com, edu, mil, net, org, dot.

GPF - See General Protection Fault.

GPIB - a type of bus popular on HP computers and plotters, and some measuring equipment. See HPIB.

GPS - Global Positioning System, a series of satellites used to triangulate the position of a GPS receiver anywhere on earth.

graphical user interface - an interface, commonly called a GUI, using menus, icons, windows and a mouse to facilitate interaction between the computer and the user. See Mac OS, desktop, Finder, Windows, cursor, Lisa. Contrast command-line interface.

Greenwich - a borough in SE London, England, located on the prime meridian from which geographic longitude is measured. Also used as a standard for time. See GMT.

grin - see <g>.

GUI - Graphical User Interface (pronounced "Gee-You-Eye" or "gooey"). See UI, menu.

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