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Specific Xtras FUQ

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Written by Bruce A. Epstein

Q. What is the appropriate version of the FileIO Xtra?

A.The original FileIO Xtra that shipped with Director 5.0 is buggy. Be sure to get the latest version for both Mac and Windows from Macromedia. The FileIO XObject will not work properly under Windows NT and may not work under Windows 95 with a 32-bit projector.

The late version of FileIO supports the version method which prints out its version. (1.0.1)

Q. What is the status of the QuickDraw 3D Xtra?

Macromedia has shipped the QD3D Xtra, but it is available for PowerMacs only. QD3D will never be supported on 68K Macs because it is too computationally intensive.

Q. What is the status of the QTVR Xtra?

A.Macromedia has shipped the QTVR Sprite Xtra. It allows you to use QTVR assets as you would any other cast member.

Q. Are there any database Xtras?

A.FileFlex and V12 are two cross-platform database Xtras.

Q. What Xtras will Print?

A.Zeus Productions offers zPrint for Windows (included with zOpen for Windows) which will print external document, such as PDF files with external applications, such as Adobe Acrobat. Refer to Macromedia's web site for additional third-party printing Xtras.

...more to come...

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Copyright © 1996-1997. Zeus Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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