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Direct-L Mailing List Information

DIRECT-L is an Internet Mailing List for developers using Macromedia Director. Refer to our TechNote, "Internet Mailing Lists" for general information about mailing lists.

To Subscribe, Unsubscribe, or issue any other command:

All requests for subscriptions, cancellations (unsubscriptions), digests, etc., go to the LIST SERVER located at:


To sign onto a list, you must send an e-mail to the LIST SERVER from your account (that's how it knows who it is signing up).

Send the LIST SERVER an e-mail with any subject, and the following in the body of the text:


This will subscribe you and also digest (summarize) your messages. If you don't use DIGEST, you will get a LOT of individual e-mails, so turn DIGEST mode on to receive it in one big e-mail instead (trust me).

To UNSUBSCRIBE, send e-mail to the LIST SERVER, with the following text in the body of the message (SIGNOFF just unsubscribes you temporarily I think):


Do NOT send subscription and unsubscription requests to the address below, as you will piss off list members.

To send a message to all the people currently subscribed to the list:


Note that this is a different address than the LIST SERVER itself!

Ignore this point at your own peril. If you send a cool Director question to the LIST SERVER you'll be ignored, and if you send your subscribe/signoff commands to the mailing list everyone will taunt you mercilessly. If you see stuff on the mailing list that looks like it should have been sent to the LIST SERVER, it is because someone else made that mistake.

You have been warned, now have a nice day.

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