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Zingo Dictionary
Expression Evaluation

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Arithmetic Operators

Lingo expressions require that both operands in an expression be of the same data type. If they are not, Lingo attempts to converts the operands to the same data type before performing the comparison. If it cannot perform the conversion, it will post an error message instead.

The precedence of each operator determines the order of evaluation of an expression. The highest precedence is five (5) and the lowest is one (1). Items with the same precedence are evaluated left to right. You can change the order of evaluation using the parentheses. to group expressions.

Precedence Level 5

() [parentheses]
- (negation)


* (multiplication)
/ (division)
mod (modulo division (i.e. determine the remainder))

Precendence Level 3
+ (addition)
- (subtraction)

In an arithmetic operation, if both operands are integers, the result is an integer. If one or both of the expressions is a floating point number, the result is a float as well.

See the TechNote, "Implicit and Explicit Type Conversion" for details.

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