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Zeus Tech Note
Using the FixPalette XObject

Copyright © 1996-1997. Zeus Productions. All Rights Reserved.
Written by Bruce A. Epstein

Q. What is the FixPalette XObject and how do I know if I need it?

A. The FixPalette XObject is needed when using QuickTime movies with more than one custom palette. If it not used on the PC, nor is it needed if you are only using one custom palette. If the first QuickTime you play looks fine, but the second QuickTime video that is played looks funky or psychedelic, then there is a good chance that the FixPaletet XObject will solve your problem. Test this by alternating which video you play first.

Q.What fixes the pallette problem on the PC?

A. There is no need for it on the PC. If you are having problems with paletes on the PC, so TPLE.

Q. Where does the FixPalette XObject belong?

A. Put it in the same folder as yout Mac Projector.

Q. How about some sample code?

A. Call the initPal handler from your StartMovie handler. Call closePal from your StopMovie handler.
on startMovie

on stopMovie

on initPal

  global gFixPalXobj, gMacPlatform

  if the platform starts "Mac" then

    if objectP(gFixPalXobj) then
      alert "You probably either called initPal twice, or forgot to call closePal"
      gFixPalXobj (mDispose)
    end if

    -- Open the XOBJ and instantiate it for use
    openxlib the pathname & "FixPaletteXObj"

    -- Create an instance of the XOBJ
    set gFixPalXobj = FixPalette (mNew, the stageLeft, the stageTop, the stageRight, the stageBottom)

    if not objectP(gFixPalXobj) then
      alert "Cannot instantiate FixPalette. Make sure FixPaletteXobj is open." && "Error:" && gFixPalXobj
    end if

  end if

end initPal

on closePal
  global gFixPalXobj

  -- We only need to do this on the Mac
  if the platform starts "Mac" then

    -- Dispose of the instance
    if objectP(gFixPalXobj) then 
    end if

    -- Close the XOBJ file
    closexlib the pathname & "FixPaletteXObj"

  end if

end closePal

Call patchPal in the frame before playing the QT movie. Be sure to include a palette in the palette channel of the frame in which you call patchPal. (This should match the palette of the QT movie).
on enterFrame

on patchPal
  global gFixPalXobj

  if the platform starts "Mac" then
    -- This routine requires that the global variable "gFixPalXobj" be
    -- an instance of the FixPaletteXOBJ (we did this in the initPal handler)
    if objectP(gFixPalXobj) then
      alert "Cannot patch palette, make sure you've called initPal.  gFixPalXobj:" && gFixPalXobj
    end if
  end if

end patchPal

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Copyright © 1996-1997. Zeus Productions. All Rights Reserved.