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TranZtions FUQ (Frequently Unanswered Questions)

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(Last updated April 1, 1997)

This page hopefully will answer all your questions about TranZtions.
If not, please let us know.

Q. What are TranZtions?

A. TranZtions are plug-in transitions that add pizzazz to your multimedia presentations! Use TranZtions imaginatively to create pseudo-animations and special effects that enhance the impact and style of your product.

Q. Are TranZtions available for both Macintosh and Windows?

A. Yes, TranZtions are cross-platform. TranZtions run on all major platforms, and support both Director 5.0 and Authorware 3.5.

Q. Where can I get TranZtions?

A. TranZtions can be ordered directly from Zeus, and downloaded from our download center.

Q. What versions of Director and Authorware are supported?

A. TranZtions require Director 5.0 or higher and Authorware 3.5 or higher, because earlier versions did n
ot support plug-in transitions.

Q. What TranZtions are available?

A. Three TranZtions are available: Cover Corners In, Cover Center Out and Wipe Corners In. Refer to the TranZtions Summary Page for more info.

Q. How much do TranZtions cost?

A. These three transitions can be licensed for $29.95 for both platforms. If you are using the trail versions, you must license TranZtions for commercial use or distribution with your product.

Q. How do I install TranZtions?

A. To make TranZtions work simply drop them in your Xtras folder and restart Director or Authorware. The plug-in transitions appear in the list of available transitions, just like the built-in ones that ship with Director or Authorware.

Q. I have installed 3 of your excellent transitions in my Xtras folder and they work from within Director. When I attempt to use them in a projector, they do not function?

You need to put the TranZtion Xtras in a folder called "Xtras" within the same folder as your projector. Projectors will not look in the standard Xtras folder. This allows each projector to use a different "private" set of Xtras.

Q. I copied the TranZtions to my Xtras folder, but they are still not recognized.

A. Be sure to restart the application. It only reads in the Xtras, including TranZtions, at start-up time.

Q. Which files do I need for the Mac and the Power Mac?

A. The Mac TranZtions Xtras are "Fat Binary" so the same files work with any Macintosh.

Q.Which files do I needs for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95?

A. The required version depends on the type of projector, not the Windows OS version..

16-bit projectors, whether run under Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 require the ".X16" versions.

Likewise, 32-bit projectors, whether run under Windows 95 or Windows NT require the ".X32" versions.

Q. Does Zeus have a transition that resembles a lightning bolt?

A. The best simulation of lightning I have seen simply used a palette cycling effect while a sound played. It looked like the flash you get from lightning, and was very effective with the proper sound.

Q. Are there any known issues with TranZtions?

A. There was a bug in some Beta versions of Director 5.0 for Windows, which disabled the transitions when WinG is running. If WinG is installed on your system, Director will try to use it. You can instruct Director NOT to use WinG by modifying the DIRECTOR.INI file. Change the line under the "[GRAPHICS]" heading to say "WinG = 0", and restart Director (remove the semi-colon that acts as a comment too).

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