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Corrected Links That Were Broken

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This is a corrected list of all links that are wrong in the books. Return to the complete list of links.

Macromedia Links

Macromedia has discontinued its Xtras Essentials program (Xtras for sale by Macromedia) previously located at:
All the Xtras formerly sold separately are incorporated into the D6.5 upgrade.
The D6.5 upgrade is no longer sold. The Director 7 upgrade is available at:

Director Expert Speaks seems gone: is missing. Start at or instead.

The Shockwave Developer Center is missing. Start at instead.

Xtras DevelopProgram and Support

These links are now dead: and Use these instead


On page 329 of DiaN, the link to the article for Streaming media by Jake Sapirstein is broken:

Use this instead:


Third-Party Links

g/matter Links

g/matter, Inc. (formerly at is now defunct and has been replaced by Trevi Media. All links referring to should be corrected to refer to Note that many of the Xtras formerly sold by gmatter are not sold by Trevi Media.

Xtras-L mailing list (Xtras for Director)

The link on page 466 of DiaN to:

is broken. I have no updated link.


ChangeRes from Toxic Orange

(which was in beta last time I checked):

On page 233 of DiaN, this is wrong:

Use this instead:



(which is a QT Xtra that happens to change the Mac resolution)

On page 233 and 573 of DiaN, here is a better URL for Multimixer

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