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Appendix E - Error Message and Error Codes

Lingo in a Nutshell

This page provides updates to Appendix E of Lingo in a Nutshell (LiaN) covering error codes and possible causes and resolution. See pages 568 to 586 of LiaN for more info.

See also: Lingo Error Messages Resolution Technote

Addenda to Tables in Appendix E

Table 1: Addenda to Table E-1: Lingo Errors

 Error Message  Page  Reference
Property Not Found"  576 Typo: The entry should say "sprite asset type", not "spriter asset type".
 Wrong Number of Parameters  579 This error can also be caused by missing elements in list that should be returned from an "on getPropertyDescriptionList" (GPDL) handler. For example, if you leave out the #comment property within the list returned by the GPDL, you'll get such an error message.

Table 2: Addenda to Table E-2: Director Error Codes

Code Page Meaning
 11   580 This entry should read "general Mac configuration error", not a "genereal" one.
 -34  580  "Problem reading C:\Temp" error may occur under Windows NT when you have insufficient privileges to create a temporary folder as is used when bundling Xtras into a projector (not recommended for this reason). Refer to Macromedia Technote #12728
 -39  580  A -39 error may be caused by attempting to open a file that is not an executable with the Lingo "open" or "open...with" commands.
 -50  581

 "Error in user parameter list". This error may also occur in D6.5 when using QuickTime 3. D6.5 does not support QT3 Export so D6.5 may be unable to complete the export of QT3 cast members. Use D7 or later to export QT3 cast members. This requires the QT3 Export Xtra included with D7 and later.

The advice in the book to reinstall Director applies mainly if you see the error when trying to launch the help system.

 180  581  "Problem reading file" may be caused by trying to open a file from a later version of Director in an earlier version of Director. You may see this, for example, when trying to open a Director 7 file in Director 6, or a Director 6 file in Director 5.
 205  581  See error 180 above

Table 3: Addenda to Table E-3: FileIO Xtra and XObject Error Codes

Code Page Meaning
 -37   582 A -37 error may be returned if the specified filename does not exist. Check the path and filename carefully and use file names and paths that obey the Windows 8.3 convention when possible.

Table 4: Addenda to Table E-4: SWA Member Error Codes

Code Page Meaning
    583 No additions at this time

Table 5: Addenda to Table E-5: Flash Asset Xtra Error Codes

Code Page Meaning
    584 No additions at this time

Table 6: Addenda to Table E-6: Macromedia NetError() Codes

Code Page Meaning
 N/A   585 Include "http://" expicitly in your URLs. Director doesn't add this to URLs as do the major browsers. Also, include "index.html" or similar "default" page specifically. Again, Director won't search for a "default" page in the specified folder, as will a browser.
 1  585  Error 1 may be returned by downloadNetThing if you have an invalid local folder as the destination path.
 6  585  Error 6 may also be caused by an unsupported URL, such as one starting with "https://" (which wasn't supported until SW7.0
 84  585  New error code I never heard of. Anyone know?
 85  585  Bad URL when using File>Import>Internet
 900  585  New error code I never heard of. Anyone know?
 905  585  Error 905 may be caused by a bad file specification (?)
 2018  585  Returned by postNetText when the operation fails (similar to 4165?) reported by Roger Jones
 4146  585  May be caused by an invalid URL or a lack of connection or improperly configured proxy server. Try logging into your ISP first to make sure the connection is established.
 4165  585  Error 4165 may be caused by being offline. Establish a connection to your ISP and try again.

Table 7: Addenda to Table E-7: MOA Error Codes

The number of MOA Error codes is truly phenomenal and impossible to keep up with. Never fear, you can always obtain the string corresponding to a MOA error code using the Lingo below. For more details on a specific error, try asking Macromedia tech support, or asking on the Xtras-L mailing list run by TreviMedia (

  put MOAerrorToString(errorCode)

such as:

  put MOAerrorToString(-2147219501)

  -- "MOA core error: XAsset type unknown"

The MOAerrorToString function requires the MUI Dialog Xtra that comes with Director 6 and later. It is already installed during authoring. To install it for use with a Projector, copy the MUI Dialog Xtra to your Projector's Xtra folder or bundle it into your Projector when creating your Projector. See Chapter 13 of Lingo in a Nutshell and Chapter 10 of Director in a Nutshell for more details on Xtras.

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