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New Director 6 Features

Copyright © 1997-1998. Zeus Productions. All Rights Reserved.
Written by Bruce A. Epstein
(This page last revised February 2, 1998)

A. New Lingo

A. Button Editor

You can create custom buttons with rollover, depressed and toggle states, using the Custom Button Editor. Choose Insert>Control>Custom Button...
This requires the Button Editor Xtra (which can be found in the Xtras folder in the Wizards subfolder)

A. Behaviors

A. MUI Dialog Xtra

The MUI Dialog Xtra can create multi-button cross-platform alert dialog boxes. The alert is created via Lingo by instantiating the MUI Xtra, and using it's Alert method. Refer to Director's help system.

Director Stage no longer stays visible if you switch to another application

...much more to come.....

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