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Ordering FAQ

Q. Can I buy your products online?

A. Yes. Click here to buy one of our products online via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.

Q. Where can I order Zeus Products?

A. You can order any of our products directly from Zeus Productions.

Q. Is there a distributor for International orders?

A. Both domestic and international customer can order any of our products directly from Zeus Productions.

Q. We are on a tight deadline and need the product immediately. What is the shipping/delivery time?

A. Electronic delivery for both domestic and international orders is usually made within a few hours of ordering.

Q. How is electronic delivery accomplished?

A. Once we receive payment, we will email the software to you directly.

Q. What methods of payment are accepted?

A. We accept major charge cards, checks, and money orders.

Q. Are Purchase Orders (P.O.s) Accepted?

A. Payment by check or charge is strongly preferred. Contact Zeus Productions directly regarding acceptance of purchase orders on a case-by-case basis. A handling charge may apply. In no cases are PO's greater than Net 30 accepted.

Q. Can I order the products on-line? Can I fax in an order?

A. Click here for secure on--line transactions. You can also email or phone us to place an order, or Download an Order Form and Fax the order information to us.

Q. Do you have a site where I can download demos and/or the products?

A. You can download files from our Download Center.

Q. I need a physical product for tracking purposes. Can I order the product on a floppy to be shipped via snail mail?

A. Our products are also available on floppy disk, for an additional shipping and handling charge (see below).

Q. What is the total price?

A. All product prices are listed on our Products Page. Sales Tax and Shipping and Handling charges do not apply for electronic delivery, but may apply when requesting a floppy disk.

Q. What is the charge for sales tax?

A. Software delivered electronically is exempt from sales tax. Sales tax is charged to NJ residents requiring a floppy disk instead of electronic delivery.

Q. Are there any shipping or handling charges?

A. There are no shipping and handling charges for electronic delivery. Shipping is charged to customers requiring a floppy disk instead of electronic delivery. Shipping and Handling is $25 within the United States via US Mail. Surcharges apply for express delivery and international orders.

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